Friday, 9 April 2010

Introduction A-class; Box rule rules!

Most readers of this blog will be familiair with the A-class and its box rule. Others might wonder what it is.
A-class is a development class where the boats have to fit in a box; length 5,49m, width 2,30, sailarea 13,94m2 and weight 75 kgs.
Within the class there several manufactureres with different types of boats, several mastmakers and sailmakers. While one might wonder if success does not become an expensive battle for the right sailing gear, reality shows the opposite. Most standard classes flourish for a while and get obsolete because they do not innovate. A-class has adopted many innovations over the years (carbon masts, curved daggerboards, square tops, upside-down hulls, wavepiercing) and is flourishing in Europe, USA and Autsralia. Competition between parts and boat suppliers keep prices reasonable and the best sailors still win all the regatta's.
There are rigs for heavy guys, small guys & ladies who all can be competive if they choose the right rig for their weight. One can use only one sail in a regatta, what has led to a development of allround rigs.
Carbonhulls are strong and durable, with a 5 year old boat you are still competive. While new boat prices have gone up, the cost of sailing has actual declined.
Anyone who can sail a dinghy or beachcat can sail an A-class within a few hours of practice, even if you are not used to use a trapeze harness. It is light sensitive boat which provides lost of feedback. It is smooth, simple and fast.
Flying a hull while nobody else can is massive fun, sailing wildthing in strong gusts is a pure thrill.
A-class attracts many former Olympians (Star, Tornado, 470), dinghy sailors (Laser, Contender),sportboat sailors (Maxfun, Melges) and America cup sailors who simply want to have a good time.

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