ordering, delivery and shipping

You can order your DNA platform by emailing to DNA@hollandcomposites.nl.

Direct selling only. We ask a deposit of 50% with a boat order.

If you need parts we can send these to you  by UPS or Fedex. In case of repairs abroad we will supply consultancy for free.

If you are new to the class we can advise you on the best rig for you and will facilitate you in ordering your rig. Do not hesitate to contact us. 

  • Mischa sails  (The Netherlands)
  • Ashby (Australia)
  • Brewin (Australia)
  • Glaser (USA)
  • Landenberger (Germany)
  • LRsails (Australia)
  • Pinkhammer (Spain)
Delivery is ex-works Lelystad, The Netherlands (45 km east of Amsterdam).

In some occassions we can take one or two DNA's to a race abroad (France, Italy, Germany).

Transport by truck to your home or club is just as possible.

We have sent containers to Australia, New Zealand, USA and South-America.
A 20 ft container will ship four boats without masts - a 40 ft high cube container ships eight boats and masts

We will load the containers and will arrange shipping from Lelystad to Rotterdam if so desired.

Shipping to Australia approx 6-7 weeks, shipping to USA approx 3 weeks.