product specs and intro

DNA A-class catamaran 

5,49 m LOA
2,29 m Width
platform  under 47 kg, boat under 75 kg with ARC mast with standard rigging and Mischa sail
  • Canted carbon pre-preg honeycomb hulls 
  • Integrated carbon pre-preg beams 
  • Alexseal yachtpaint finish (Whisper Grey)
  • Black carbon pre-preg autoclaved daggerboards with DNA logo (2015 Z-board)
  • Decksliders for lift adjustment
  • Black carbon prepreg autoclaved cassette-type with rudderblades with DNA logo (2015 L-rudders)
  • Carbon tillerbar integrated into cassette
  • Carbon joystick
  • DNA trampoline with pockets for lunch and daggerboards
  • Midsheeting (rearsheeting possible too)
  • Magic Marine foot straps
  • Stern supports 
  • A-cat kit rudder and daggerboard covers
  • Carbon boom (
  • Midsheeting system 1:9,5 purchase (Harken) including double tapered sheet
  • Sail (Mischa) with cover
  • Mast (DNA)  with decksweeper style mastrotation
  • Carbon rod rigging (
  • Carbon adjustable joystick
  • Beach trolley (Cadkat)
  • Roadtrailer (Kalf)
  • Boatcover (A-Cat kit)
  • Trampoline cover (A-cat kit)
  • Lycra transport cover (A-cat kit)
  • Clothing (Magic Marine)
  • Loose gauge (On Deck)
  • Maintenance set (
  • Spare part set (pushrods, joystick)

INFO for newbies
If you can handle a small dinghy (Laser) or skiff you can handle an A-class cat too. It is easy to learn because the light boats give easy to understand feedback. It tacks fast and doing the wildthing is a real pleasure.

The typicial A-class sailor is a family man in his fourties/fifties with little time and a passion for his sport. The class also attracts professionals sailors from other classes such as the America's cup. It is an ideal mix of clubracers, ex-olympians and the topdogs of sailing. 

The boat is not too physical. It is ideal for the sailing enthousiast who lacks time or crew. Easy to set-up, you push up the sail, put on your wetsuit and out you can go.

You will be lifting a hull in 4 knots and start trapezing in 6 knots of breeze. Class limit in racing is 22 knots of breeze, the boat can be handled up to 27 knots of breeze.

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