Monday 30 August 2010

Another title for Chris Field on his DNA

Chris Field, Bob Baier and Sjoerd Hoekstra on the podium.

All pics by Auke Minderman

The Dutch Nationals were won by Chris Field. Chris was incredibly fast downwind in the strong breeze.
Bob was second on his Nikita and Sjoerd third on his Tool with DNA curved boards. PJ was fuorth wth same points as Sjoerd who pushed really hard in 24 knots to win the last race when Chris suffered a broken tophook.
Wind during the event varied between 16 and 24 knots.
In the 16 knot race PJ won the race by sailing a magnificent downwind leg. His GPS showed a consistent and amazing 19 knots.
Roeland could have been on the podium but missed that by not finishing two races.
Upwind Chris and Bob were clearly the fastest guys, downwind Chris and  Roeland outpaced the others.
Bob did use a new Ashby Maxx sail which looked very promising.
Sjoerd sailed sharp and smart and pushed his Tool to the limit. Downwind his was struggling on his Tool but he always kept the pressure on the other guys by excellent boathandling, gybing and tacking on shifts and windlaned and profiting from the right of way at the marks.
Next week Sjoerd will be sailing PJ's DNA at Scharbeutz during the German Open where he and Bob will fight for the title.


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