Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sjoerd Hoekstra beats Bob Baier in German Open

Last week Sjoerd finished third behind Bob on his Tool in the Dutch Open. This weekend Sjoerd convincingly beat Bob on PJ's DNA.
After the first day Bob was leading Sjoerd by one point. That day Bob had a slight edge upwind with his Ashby Maxx sail, but Sjoerd was already quicker downwind. Sunday Sjoerd scored three bullets in 3-4 bft where he had the upperhand both upwind and downwind.
Other people complimented Sjoerd with his boatspeed and Sjoerd replied 'I just couldn't help it.'

The DNA scoreds with this result the third consecutive win in a National Championship; Chris the Swiss and Dutch Open and Sjoerd the German Open.
Next year will be tough for everyone with so many people on a DNA.

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Unfortunately no pics of the event

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