Friday, 31 December 2010

Last day of the Year of the Cat

2010 has been a great year for multihulls.
First we had the AC battle between Alinghi and BMW-Oracle which transformed the sailing scene.
Before this event the multihulls were not really accepted by the traditional (read ISAF) scene. A resentment against multihulls which already emerged at the appearance of the first multihull racer The Amaryllis of Herreshoff in 1876!
In 2011 multihulls will be the norm and half boats will be considered as the dinosaurs of our sport.

2010 has also been the breakthrough of the C-board cats, both the DNA and the new Nacra  20 were very succesful and all doubt about the curved boards has been blown away.

March 2011 is the closing date for AC34. Although Cup itself will take place in 2013, the activities of the syndicates on smaller cats will be great for the promotion of small racing cats.
Any sailor can use the same stuff as Glenn, James or Dean.

Happy New Year to all followers of this blog!

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