Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bundy pics by Carolijn Brouwer

pics (c) Carlijn Brouwer (found on her twitter acount)
Great shots by Carolyn. You can see how low Darren's trapeze position is and how low he sails the weather hull.We als see quite some mastbend upwind in his foreaft soft mast. Another thing noticable is how full the Brewin sail becomes downwind especially if sailed with a lot of twist. Very full and deep entry.
You see that the sailors sometimes pull up the weather board and leave it down in other conditions.

Carolijn sailed on the DNA as well. She liked the the responsiveness of these light boats as she told us on her Twitter account. She might have been the first girl on a DNA actually. Maybe we can persuade her to race it too.

Dutch followers can also read a report on the AUS nationals in Dutch on

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