Monday, 10 January 2011

Moth wing discussion

It is good to see the discussion in the Moth class about the nature of the class and compare it with our discussions about the hydrofoil. I like the free thinker mentality as expressed in the video. The conclusion about the wing is inconclusive. Before this Championship my feeling was that if they could make it work it would work on an A-class as well and an AC72 too. It is a job well done by the developers because being almost competitive is quite an achievement. It also shows that a boat is no aeroplane and that we still know little about how wings work at low reynolds numbers. Maybe the AC72 designers will come up with new knowledge and deeper insights. I am happy that we didn't ban solid wings as I believe you should only ban things which are and damaging for the class ad have proven competitive.
A solid wing would not be good for the class as it is too complex to handle and will reduce the numer of competitors. Still if people are daring to follow this route I will be vey sympathetic to it.

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