Monday, 14 March 2011

Are you ready?

Glenn trapezing downwind
Stevie trapezing downwind
Dean trapezing downwind
Glenn in control
Stephen bow up downwind

Temperatures are rising in Europe and we are getting hungry again for our boats. The Aussies started the 2011 season with their nationals. They showed that trapezing downwind is the new norm. The idea is to trapeze downwind in anything between 8-18 knots. Often you go deeper and faster than the others.
The curved boards are beyond discussion now.
The curved board boats are both faster upwind and downwind. Slightly faster upwind and immensely faster downwind if doing the wildthing. Hiking out you are 2-3 knost faster than the straight board guys and trapzeing you can add another 2 knots. Where in the past it was very difficlult get an A-class over 20 knots you see it regularly know. Speedburst of 21-22 knots downwind are seen regularly. In flat water in big gusts amazing speeds are recorded (do not tell how fast as you would not believe me....)

The DNA is dominating in Australia with 18 boats send over to Australia in the winter. Another 32 are delivered to our customers in Europe. Manolo is already dominating the scene in Spain and others are following him. DNA's have been send to Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Danmark and Austria.

The DNA has changed the A-class scene; A-class sailors are beating F18's round the course now by minutes  and people just love their superstiff racing machines. Robust and refined.

Are you ready too? Get yourself a DNA and be part of the action.
Order now and get your own DNA before Easter. Go to Vele di Pasqua and join the other DNA's in some fine Easter racing.

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