Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Luc Du Bois wins New Zealand Nationals. Loic second in Maubuisson

 Luc on Deans boat
The podium in France with Loic second, Jean Louis first and Gilles Escarret third

Lots of A-cat racing at Easter; New Zealand, France adn Italy.

For a report form France see: (use google translate)
No report from Ne Zealand yet
 I just returned from Cesenatico, where we had some marvelous sailing days before the event, only the windgods left us with little wind during the Event which was won by Theo di Batista on his Bim V1r, Sjoerd Hoekstra second and Georg Reutter third, Francesco Marcolini fourth and Bob Baier fifth.
We did see some new boats enter the the scene, the vision of Saarberg and the Carbon Lab A-cat sailed by Vincenzo Sorrentiono who finished in the top 10 as well.
In the light winds the light guys did best, only when the wind picked up a little bit we saw the heavier guys in front too. Of the80 plus kghuys only Bob was consistent. Sjoerd sailed a remarkable series with some very sharp and brilliant tactical sailing, but Theo managed three wins in six races. Georg was clearly the fastest guy on the water with his Nikita and OXO sail. Sjoerd used a brand new Aramid Maxx Brewin (looks very powerful) and Bob was using an Ashby 21. Both Theo and Franceso used Bimare sails and masts.
The light winds were a boat equalizer again as seen before in the last Worlds. Great starting and going for undisturbed air where the key success factors.
PJ and I used the new ARC mast . We were quite happing with it, though it does not show in the results. Especially PJ was very fast downwind once the wind picked up a little bit. I was slightly faster upwind but only in the breeze (slightly overweighted for the light stuff)

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