Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thilo's wing

Nice interview by Rainer.

I am happy with Thilo's experiment as we will learn from it.
Wings might be dangerous to the class due to handling difficulties and cost, but we should never prevent anyone from doing innovative experiments and nothing should be banned before it has proven to be competitive in a big championship.
I do not feel threatened by it as I know how much effort is will take to get it competitive.
Our current rigs are already very efficient and further development in the soft rigs is possible too.
I can see many circumstances where a wing can be quicker, but would not dare to go out with a wing in 20 plus knots and big waves yet.

The main reason the AC has opted for the wing is not speed but money. The wings actually save the syndicates money as they need a much smaller budget for sails. Development and construction cost are higher, but in the longer term over a whole campaign it is cheaper (info based on a conversation with Mike Drummond)

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