Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mischa leading after first day

<p>Mischa Heemskerk from the Netherlands is leading after three races. Mischa was the only one who could make trapezing downwind work for him.<br>
Stevie Brewin got the most of two excellent pin end start and scored two first, though Mischa was leading close to the finish line of the second race but dropped to third just before the finish.<br>
Brad Collet is strong and stable. Landenberger did win race 3.<br>
Conditions were tough; wind around the class limit and a rough sea state wich made&#160; downwind sailing very difficult.<br>
Mischa showed what you can do if you go all the way and Stevie showed once again his talent for downwind sailing.<br>
I had excellent speed upwind but sufferered at other points. Not enough time on the water since Garda.<br>
Unfortunately too many mast breakages and some board breakages. </p>
So far none DNA boards of the new type were broken, not in Garda and not in other windy races. Here it is the combination of the big breeze and the steep waves. All weight comes on the board if the boat gets smacked off the waves to leeward.

It is to be seen if we can complete the championship as the weather forecast is not looking good.


  1. So Nathan sails with old boards? Not funny.

  2. Another question: What happened, when Stephen broke his front beam?