Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Winter Sale!

We have three brand new boats which can be sold with a winter discount of 1000 euros. (ordering before december 1, pick up before mid december)

All charterboats have been sold.

We have Roeland's black boat for sale complete or just as platform. Email for price.

Please order your new 2013 boat before the end of the year, if you want these before Easter. Delivery  early February.

New masts will be delivererd from January on.
We will start making carbon rigging as well. More info about that later.

You can buy DNA OEM membrance sails cut for our masts through Landenberger.

Mischa will start selling his new A-cat sails from January on: Mischa Sails.

For 2013: Boats will be delivered with T-foils.  The last boats are 0,5- 1,0 kg lighter as the early 2012 boats. All foils will be polished. New sliders with bigger range. Progrip as an extra option.

We will keep looking to what the AC can bring us. The Martin Fisher Mayfly solution ( also seen in the Carbonic A-class) is too draggy as proven by the Mayfly performance in Danmark. The ETNZ solution or the Oracle solution is sofar class illiegal as we have to be able to get the boards through the topside of the daggerboardcases.
With current boards and T-foils we can make the boat fly too in some circumstances.
The T-foils do even work in very light winds, as it easier to keep the transom out of the water will going flat.
L-foils make sense too but you will need new rudderstocks as well. T-foils can be retrofitted on the 2012 rudders as well.

The first step is to see if we can het the boat more often in the twenties (season 2013) and after that we will go for the thirties, with what we have learned form the AC and our own experiments.

We will do some research to see if makes sense (market wise and performance wise) to make a special DNA for the heavy guys (over 90 kgs).

A-cat/DNA training in Murcia (Mar Menor) 25 March until March 3. Spanish regatta in last weekend. Murcia is the perfect spot as you will have light winds in the morning and just over 20 knots in the late afternoon. Two years ago some people did the same and had lot's of good sailing. Mischa will give a masterclass too and he will focus on downwind sailing amd pefecting your set-up.
We can ship your boat by truck (Lelystad- Murcia vv). ( 500-1000 euros)
Accomodation at the club including lunch from 30 euros per night. Cheap flights to Alicante.

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