Saturday, 19 January 2013

German A-class Association at Boot Düsseldorf

The A-Class Cat spot at Boot, the Multihull Forum in Halle 15
The new J-boards exposed

The T-foil rudders

DNA 2013 model, with Landy DNA OEM sail
J-board can be put in the boat from the top
'Hall of fame'

Our German Friends (the VDAC) have organized a place for the A-class association at Boot Düsseldorf.
The stand is manned by German sailors and paid for by ARC and Landenberger One Design.
It shows the DNA 2013 model with J-boards, winglets, pro-grip, a new base colour (whisper grey), new sliders, ARC mast & boom and a Landy high clew membrane sail made for the ARC mast.
We prefer the high clew sail over the traditional outline both for handling reasons and to have more cloth around the hounds; the power zone.

You can visit the stand in Halle 15 until Sunday the 27th.
Other boats are the F18, The GC 32 and the Nacra 17. Boot has put all multihulls together around the Multihull forum where presentations are given by well known cat sailors such as  Roland Gaebler.

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