Sunday, 16 June 2013

Team DNA on its way to Barcelona

 PJ loading the truck with 8 DNA's
Jack's new boat

After a winter if testing and training we are on our way to Barcelona. Mischa Heemskerk as captain of team DNA. Manolo, Jack, Bruce, PJ, Arno, Roeland and Juan Antonio will are race the DNA with the new J-boards. Will this championship bring us the first flying champ? or will that prevented by  the weather gods?
Other DNA sailors who can do well are Giovanni Calabria, Sam Newton who did so well in Hyeres, Luigi Blancato, the French DNA squad; Jean (the young Frenchman), Thierry, Luc, Yann, the other DNA guys forom Spain; Kike, Kiko and others,. We expect a lot from our Polish friends,  the Swiss, the Danes.

Roeland and PJ will use the new Landy aramid Maxx sails on our mast. The sail looks absolutely fabulous especially upwind. Excellent twist profile, best I have seen so far.
Arno and Mischa will use Mischa sails. Mischa worked hard on his new sail. The sail is developed to excel downwind in all circumstances while still being competitive upwind. It has the high clew used on the DNA OEM sails and the Brewin sails.
Jack will use a Brewin, Fiberfoam set and Bruce will use a Fiberfoam/Glaser, Manolo an Ashby Stratis with Fiberfoam mast. Great to see so many different competitive rigs.

Mischa is also teaching us how to sail an A-class downwind. He was the fastest downwind in the Worlds but his speed has increased dramatically and we are following his path. We are just praying for more than 10 kts of breeze to show the fun of foiling.

CU all in Barcelona

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