Monday, 9 September 2013

Close racing on day 2

Day 2 showed two teams who were quite even on boat speed.
Oracle dominated the starts. ETNZ had a great comeback in the first race after a favorable windshift.
In the stronger breeze Oracle looked strong.
Both teams made small mistakes.
The start is quite decisive and ETNZ needs to improve, Dean is too impressed by Spithill's aggression.
Boathandling of ETNZ is more refined, but even this team ruined a gybe
ETNZ is still 3 points up and needs to wind 6 times were Oracle due to their penalty needs to win 10 times.
ETNZ has room to put more pressure on Oracle in the starts. We will probably see an OCS in one of the coming races.
Where ETNZ had a better VMG upwind in race 2, the boats were even in race 3 and 4.
The level of competence in these teams is immense. They make it look easy, but it isn't if you look closer.
This AC is the end of sailing though, we all go flying.
The difference in design does not seem to be decisive, which is great news in itself.  We have  a real battle here, which is petty rare in the AC.
I can see why the monohull sailors arr not to fond of these boats. It is too far off what they know. It just does not resemble the sport as they know.

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