Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Some reports from Takapuna 

Several sailors are already training in Takapuna for the world championships in 10 days now .
Tension is building, who's fast who's not...
Always the same issues, and only when racing starts, we will know for sure ..

Mischa is in good spirit, training with Bruce mahoney see this nice video taken by Bruce from his GoPro helmet .
Check out:

Pretty nice to see the foiling / skimming modes of the boats in around 10 knots wind ...

Landy raised some eyebrows with bringing a boat with true ' work-around the rules' solution for fitting L foils :

Able to fit L boards within the 'appendages should be inserted from the top'  rule .
By removing a whole cube out of the hull what holds the board ....
Clearly not in the spirit of the rule i would say, don't think this boat is seriously considered to race in the championship. But as a test it is interesting and and creative piece of work that's for sure 

As soon more news, we let you know. 

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