Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Results second day. 2 wins for DNA with J-boards

More wind than expected to day. First race 13-17 kts tough conditions. Second race the wind dropped with many windholes.
The first race team ETNZ scored the fourth first places (Glenn Ashby, Peter Burling, Blair Tuke and Ray Davies) and Mischa was fifth.
The second race was won by Mischa and Glenn scored a DNF after breaking a gudgeon bolt. Nathan had his share of gear breakages as well but managed to finish both races and is sixth overall.
Peter Burling is the new overall leader.
Mischa had a bad first day though not unhappy with his speed. He seems to have found his groove again.
Although the foiling boats were clearly faster Andrew Landenberger and Scott Anderson manage to hang in and are second and third overall. Apparently the wind in second race was less.
Sofar all races won by J-board boats in conditions varying from 5-17 kts.

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