Thursday, 13 February 2014

The master is back, 3 race day report

Glenn in control
A happy Mischa
Close racing on foils, easy to get into trouble
Tough conditions

Nathan taming the beast

Burling crosses the finishes first in the first race of the day

Another tough day at the office. Great but challenging conditions for all sailors, where even the Pros can get into trouble.
Glenn scored a first and a second and with the discared coming into play he is the convincing leader. Blair Tuke in second after being more consistent than Peter Burling. Blair trained a lot on his C-board DNA and immediately swapped to J-boards after he sailed against Glenn and Peter. His earlier practice certainly seems to benefit him.
Mischa is the first sailor from the Northern Hemisphere in 7th place. The other 11 sailors in the top 12 are from New Zealand and Australia.
Nathan who had the edge in the lighter stuff suffered a bit and scored a decent 6 and 48. Nathan must have encountered some trouble in the last race but I have no report about this (capsize?, gear failure?)
The team New Zealand Squad is dominating the races by scoring the first three places in both races.
Stevie (once), Brad Collet (once) and Landy twice could profit from sailing mistakes of the top 6 foilers and could sail into a top 6 position. Landy fourth overall which is an outstanding performance. The nasty chop and gusty winds made life difficult for the foilers. A few extra jumps and you loose a couple of hundred meters even if you are so much faster than the non foilers.
In medium the foilers are pretty easy and are completely dominating, in nastier conditions it is sometimes hard to control as the combination of steep waves and gusts can make it difficult to keep a small piece of the daggerboard in the water. If it is blowing even harder life becomes relatively easier as you can steer pretty  deep with an oversheeted sail. The 18-20 kt range with nasty chop is the most difficult circumstance for the foilers at this moment, but after decent practice still very fast as Glenn, Peter, Ray, Blair, Mischa and Nathan were showing.
Three races to go. Let's pray for some decent breeze.
Thanks to Paula Koplowicz for all great pics, without her pics we cannot bring the thrill of the sailors to the readers.

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