Monday, 21 April 2014

First Dutch event of the season :
Mischa teaching us some flying lessons ...

It was pretty windy this weekend. Flat water mostly and a north easterly between 16 and 25 knots ...

Great pictures by  Jasper van Staveren  see

Chris Field  joined the Dutch fleet to get some competition from Mischa. Both were sailing the new 2014 boats with our new DNA mast with carbon spreaders ,  carbon mastbase and new layup.
 Mischa was using the Landy string sail, Chris a  Mischa Maxx sail.
good fleet of 20 boats, although not everyone liked the stiff chilly breeze so early in the season , and many quit after one or two races ...

The J board boat lifts easily with this conditions, but it is pretty hard to control. Flying like Mischa or Glenn is not as simple as it looks. It needs a lot of practice and guts when its breezy.
your reflexes have to be right, some things  are opposite compared to normally trapezing downwind.
never luff and ease your sheet when flying, just tight your sheet an bear off to regain control.Thats lesson 1.
Second lesson : get the grips to it with less  breeze, then try 20 knots :-). Learned a lot this weekend, looking forward to go again and learn every time bit more.

full results :

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