Sunday, 27 July 2014

Flying the DNA

Hi All A class sailors .

I hope this video, which was shot  in two sessions  on the lake by my home, (with Gopro camera on the helmet and one time on the boom), will make clear to all skeptics that flying an A class is not only for the Americas' cup pro's.
You see, the way of lifting on the foils is controllable , very fast and lot of fun .
The skills you need are manageable. Off course you need to be fit to get the max out of it. Just like surfing or skiing. But not dangerous.
The best sailors off course will always get more out of it, that is the way it should be.
The Quest for changing the rules is useless . The rules pushed us developers in the right direction!
The boat still is simple, elegant and extremely fast . See the vid . Effortless doing 23 kn peak speed at a deep angle.
And what is unique on the configuration: the boat is upwind and in light conditions still fast !  An A  class which has super stable L foils (which are not complying with the rules ) , willmaybe be easier to sail downwind, but will surely suffer upwind and in light wind, and will be a headache to manage onshore and in shallow waters.
The boards used in the video are our newly developed " Z boards"  which give great allround performance, ease of control and are going like a Boeing.
After flying for a year with the J boards , which are also very very fast, the Z boards are a development from that to make life easier.
All the new A class like they are now ( also our fellow manufactures like Exploder and Sheurer etc ) are a dream to sail , a true result of a development class .
Stop debating , start flying, and most of all enjoy it !


  1. Love the video. I'm actually collecting a new DNA from Sailcenter next Thurs 7th. If you're local it would be great to meet/sail with you. I'm staying until Sunday 10th before I bring the boat back to the UK.