Thursday, 14 May 2015

European season started

This week the  first bigger championship of the season is on the program : the French Nationals, near Marseille.
A good fleet is expected with mainly French boats .
We are curious how ours French DNA guys are doing !   best luck and good winds !

In the mean time on the other side of the ocean The North Americans start this weekend .
A great  50 + boats fleet also there on the line . Great to see the A class is good health everwhere.
Off course still a lot of discussion about the class developments the last years.  Not all sailors are
100% happy about the foiling revolution . We can understand.  Change always results in resistance of part of the people involved .
But we may conclude that the majority of the A cat lovers are excited about the development, and that the class is growing as the foiling challenges people to try it.

An interesting picture I found on the web is this one of reigning  US champion Bruce Mahoney  ( and our bet for this year too) shows a hiking-foiling-mode on his new Z boards / L rudders DNA:

In two weeks The Italian nationals are scheduled on Lake Garda .
A great  top level fleet is expected  including Mischa Heemskerk (NED), Chris Field (GBR) and Sergio Mehl ( ARG) on the latest DNAs
Interesting to see them lining up with the best Sheurers and Exploders !
Stay tuned and have fun sailing your boats !