Monday, 28 June 2010

Steve Brewin leading after first day, after great comeback in second race

Stevie scored two twos today. The first one was in very light winds and that race was won by Glenn.
Th second one was remarkable, after been gassed by Scott Anderson in the start Stevie was mid thirties after the first mark, at the bottom he was already 8 and after the second round he was third and just catched Bob Baier at the finish. Luc Dubois won that race.
Stevie told me that it was his greatest comeback ever; he was flying downwind.
Glenn was fast in very light winds (just as fast as stevie) but could not match the speed of the curvies downwind over 6 knots of breeze.
Tomorrow another race day with  a similar weatherprediction as today. Maybe more general recalls will help us to sail in more breeze.

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