Saturday, 3 July 2010

Number seven for Ashby

In the last race which was sailed in 5 knots of breeze Ashby led from the the star to the finish.
Steve Brewin was fifth at the first mark, caught immediately two boats before the offset mark by remarkable reaching speed and was in second ppalce after a few hundred neters in the downwind leg.
Ashby deserved the overall win by taking risks with his rig en by very precise and smart sailing.
Het got the most out of it. Circumstances were incredibly light the whole week. Once the breeze picked  up a bit Stevie was incredible fast on his DNA and would have won in any but the lightest possible winds.
The DNA did it much better in those light conditions than most expected. Once you pull the flat transoms out of the water in light winds the boat appeared to be quick.
The boat has made his impression especially in the training before the championship when we had good breeze en ofcourse in the second race were Stevie transformed a 35 at the topmark in a second.
Although there were 4 non-curvies in the top ten, nobody doubts that the curved boards have the future. People have seen the speed differences and also are realizing that it is not the curved boards alone but the whole package (stiffness of the platform, beamposition and hull design).
Most Australian sailors present at the worlds have bought a DNA and the European topsailors  will follow them.
New developments in th near future are expected in rigs and less in platforms.

CU all in Danmark next year.

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  1. Great posting during the worlds. Congratulations. What risks did Glenn take with his rig?