Friday, 2 July 2010

Ashby in the lead

Today we sailed three races in very light conditions. Certainly the first was not within the class windlimits of 4 knots but a protest aganist the race commitee was lost.
Stevie had a bad start and he was mis fleet at the fist mark, Glenn was leading and won the race.
The second race in somewhat more breeze was won in a close battle with Glenn by Stevie.
In teh third race was Stevie leading but he was passed by Glenn in the last upwind leg.
He was just too far away to properly cover Glenn and Glenn got the better breeze.
In under 6 knots wind the curved boards do not bring somewhat extra so speeds were pretty even among the fleet, all boats drifting at almost similar speeds.
Although the circumstances do not praticular suit the DNA, the boat has made his impression and many topsailors have ordered one (about the whole australian top).
Above 6 knots the boat is clearly faster than the other boats sailing downwind.

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