Saturday, 11 September 2010


40 was our magic number when we started our ARC/DNA project. 40 boats have been sold now and will be delivered in 2010 (AUS, USA, NED, GER, ESP, UK, SUI). We are delighted about this and wish to thank all our partners and especially our first customers who bought the DNA when it only existed on paper.
We thank Roeland for his grant debut, Stevie for his vice-worldchampionship and his incredible come back race, we thank Chris for doing do well in Switzerland and Holland and his thrill with the new boat, Sjoerd for doing so well in Germany.
We wish to thank  Roeland,Michel, Jaap, Rene, Jons for their trust in us and their support during the development of the boat and the firm. We thank Wouter and his late wife Lea for their perseverance and craftmanship. Jons for his effort in mounting the boats. Martin for the assistance in producing the daggerboards and rudders. Sjoerd for his assistance in building the first hull halves.
We wish to thank HOCO (Reinout, Ron, Sven, Sander, Bas, Nico, Koop, Mohammed, Joey, Erik) for the support, effort and incredible waterjet cutter. Jan Ilmer for his feedback and his models. Rudo for his superb modelling and designing. Jan van der Staaij for painting the appendage models. Monique and Erwin for excellent painting of the platforms and for keeping deadlines. Felix for the tramp design, Micky for his covers and his belief in our project. MartinVanzulli for his enthousiasme on his blog. And last but not least we like to thank our partners and children for their support and understanding.

It all started in autumn last year with a test sail of the Nikita. We were impressed how much quicker that boat was compared to our Flyer 2 which we took with us as the reference boat. We tried to buy two boats but Nils was fully booked and could not guarantee a boat in time. We contacted Glenn to buy two ASG3 instead but he couldn't deliver either and the rest is history.
The combined experience of Arno and PJ led to the DNA which is more than just a new boat,  it is philosophy with integrates boat design, composite materials engineering, lean manufacturing, business strategy, class promotion and sailor's passion into the new benchmark for the class.

Keep on sharing your passion with us and let's have fun on the water,

Arno &  PJ

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