Monday, 13 September 2010

America's Cup goes A-cat!

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The 34th America's Cup will be sailed in wingmasted catamarans. This is good news for all multihull enthousiasts and for the A-class in particular. Many A-cat sailors are active in the America's Cup syndicates both as sailor and/or designer.
Glenn and James have set an example for the other teams by building their skills by sailing small cats and especially the most refined ones the A-cats. The most amazing of the last America's cup for me was not the sheer size of these beasts but the fact that both James and Loick could sail such a machine as if it was an A-class or F18.

James, Glenn and Luc will sail on DNA's which will attract others to the class as well. Even America's Cup teammembers have their spare time and love to go sailing when they are ready at 'the office'. Especially if they see how much fun their helmsmen and sailing coaches are having by playing with the fun boats. So our finest go America's Cup and America's Cup finest go A-class.

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