Friday, 19 August 2011

Steve Brewin World Champion!

Stevie made the almost impossible today by scoring a first  and a second today. Congratulations to Stevie, gerat comeback in this series and his second World Championship after winning in Casteldelfels in 2001.
Scott Anderson did a fourth in the morning and had to retire in the second ace after a capsize downwind.
Jack did win the  last race and is third overall.
Mischa did great today and scored two thirds on his blue DNA.
It's DNA's forst World title after just missing it last year.
The DNA's did win 5 races out of nine and won races both in the light stuff and the tough stuff.
23 DNA's were present. 5 in the top 10 (Stevie, Jack, Stephen, Manolo, and Mike Drummond.
In today's GPS figures the DNA's with the new ARC mast showed excellent speed, Roeland, Arno , PJ , Mike and Mischa are using this  mast. The low drag of this mast leads to high speeds combined with good height.

Nexy year we weill go to both Lake Garda and Florida. CU all there.

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