Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Aussies dominating the fleet, Scott Anderson leading

Today we had a race with light wind in the morning won by Scott and a medium breeze race in the early afternoon won by Jack Benson on a DNA and Stephen Brayshaw second on a DNA too. Mischa Heemskerk is improving every race. He scored a 5 and 6 today. (see his facebook page)

As predicted it is not a boatdesign championship, Scott with good speed up and downwind leads by mastering the shifts the best. Stevie is making a good comeback and is second on the ranking list now. Andrew dropped to third and Jack is doing great with a fourth place.
We have three boatdesigns and and three different sailbrands in the top three.
The Nikita (Scott) did win three races, The DNA 2 (Stevie and Jack) and the Scheurer G6 1.

In the top 10 we see  5 DNA's now. In the stronger breeze more and more DNA's are in the top 10 as Calabria, PJ, Mischa, Stepehen Brayshaw and Roeland Wentholt are going quite fast both upwind and downwind.

In the more fickle circumstances the Nikita does it it very well, but we see that Manolo Calavia, Jack and Stevie score top three positions in those circumstances too.

Downwind Brad Collet and Andrew Landenberger show superb trapezing style even  in just 10 knots by going as deep but much faster. Andrew with a very full Pentex Maxx sail and Brad with a full Ashby sail.

The organisation of the worlds does a great job in promoting the event by having livetracking, pictures and videos on the internet.
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