Saturday, 13 August 2011

Worlds preview, sailors are getting ready

The event's logo with the sponsors
The ramp this morning
 Mayfly's adjustable L- foil rudder
Adjustable daggerboardslider in Mayfly

Sailors are getting ready for the start of the worlds. Measurement process is in full progress. Based on the traing the last couple of days we already see some aces up too speed.
Top favourite is Steven Brewin, who sincerely regrets that Glenn Ashby will be absent this year. Stevie wanted his revanche after finishing second behing Glenn last year in Cesenatico.
Stevie uses a DNA, Saarberg mast and Brewin sail. His contestants are Manolo Calavia (DNA, Fiberfoam Ashby), Jack benson (DNA, Saarberg , Brewin), Scott Anderson & Bob Baier (Nikita, FF, Ashby), Sjoerd Hoekstra & Chris Field (Vision, Saarberg, Brewin),  Andrew Landenberger (Scheuer special, FF, Landenberger) & Brad Collet (Scheuer special, FF, Ashby), Matt Struble & Lars Guck (Evo, Hall spars, Glaser).
F18 ace Mischa Heemskerk will take part on a DNA, who might be very competitive in medium and strong breezes.
Most interesting boat is The Mayfly of Martin Fischer sailed by him and Chris Cairns. The boat with its L- shaped rudders looks very fast downwind, but it remains to be seen if the extra drag makes it competitive over the whole race course and in different circumstances.
In training we saw big windshifts, lots of  small windlanes and big lulls in the bay where we will be having our races. The sailor who handles that best will win here, so boatspeed differences will not be that deciscive. Watch for remarkable race results of Scott, Sjoerd and Landy, all former Tornado campaigners.
The Aussies are the big favorites once again but we hope to see at least one European on the podium.

PJ, myself, Roeland, Mischa and Mike Drummond are using our new double tapered ARC mast. The mast suits both the the Ashby and Brewin sails. The Dutch are showing remarkable speed upwind, but their lack of hours on the water diminishes any hope to be close to the podium. 

More reports tomorrow

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