Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Worlds review

We had a good championship which was very well organized by the Danes. The livetracking and live video coverage is something we defintely need for next championships. Both for the competitors and the spectators (on stage & online).
It was a difficult spot with big windshifts.
The good guys did handle the shifts better even after a bad start. Stevie and Jack often rounded the mark around place 20.
Scott did handle the start better than the other top 10 guys and was often in front at the first mark.
Stevie used his amazing speed downwind to come back and once he was in front he was unstoppable.
The first days he struggled a bit with his rig as he used a slightly softer mast then he used to sail with. Once he sorted that out he became again the favourite he was on beforehand.
Jack and Stevie did well with their Saarberg/Brewin rigs which had slightly fuller bottoms ocmpared to their Cesenatico rig.
Everyone is using the soft foreaft mast now, but some including myself went a bit too far in that direction  and were compalining a bit. Brad and Landy did exceptionally well downwind in the light to medium, when they were trapzeing while others couldn't.
Scott's rig looked beautiful; slightly fuller in the top than most and gettting a relative flat bottom if he needed one while going upwind.
Next year we will even see more people who have sorted out their rigs and match good upwind sails with full downwind sails.
Downwind Jack, Manolo, Stevie, Scott, Landy and Brad were the guys with the best boatspeed. They have good rigs and special downwind skills.
Mischa was the only one who trapezed downwind in the 20 knot plus winds and he got the topspeed of the week; 23 knots (see tracking data).

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