Monday, 31 October 2011

Worlds topsailors will meet in next Australian Nationals

Last Friday we shipped another six boats to Australia. For Glenn, James Spitthil, Dirk de Ridder, John Kostecki, Tom Slingsby and Nathan Outeridge. Darren Bundock has bought an used DNA in Australia so he will be present in the Australian nationals too (and Steve Brewin, Jack Benson, Andrew Landenberger, Brad Collet, Scott Anderson, and many other local aces). Rumours are that Bob Baier might be present as well on a chartered DNA.

It is great for A-class and for the sport in general that so many topsailors show up in an A-class event and that they choose the A-class for practice and fun. The boats are not bought by the syndicates, just private boats to have fun with other topsailors. 

At the end of November we will ship 7 boats to the USA. After Ben Moon did so well in the last Worlds the Americans got hungry for European boats. We expect so ship more boats for people who want to particpate in the next Worlds to be held in Florida (Isla Morada) October 2012. This event will be the first event which will and can host more than 100 boats. Essentially it will be an open event. We have not yet taken a decision on how many charter boats we will do this year. 

After the shipment to the USA we will start our deliveries in Europe. New boats will go to Spain, France, the Netherlands and the UK. 

The 2012 boats will get new rudders (slightly longer and smaller) and new daggerboards (radius 1,45m instead of 1,20m). We not only changed the shape but also the production method as we had our fair share of problems especially with the rudders. The appendages will sitill be made in carbon-prepreg but the rudders will no longer be hollow and the stainless steel 'ear' will be replaced by a carbon lip. Ruddernoulds will be aluminium cnc milled moulds and the daggerboards will be made in heat resistant carbon.

With the new rudders and daggerboards the DNA's will be both faster upwind in light to medium conditions and downwind in light to medium. The 10 cm longer  boards will give just that extra little grip to be able to  trapeze sooner downwind. In strong winds you can easily pull up the boards 10 cms as you easily have too much lift.

Other changes are; new paint manufacturer (Alexseal, better coverage) and some changes in the hull laminate to make the hulls stiffer and slightly lighter.

Many 2012 boats will be delivered with the new ARC masts. The new masts will be delivered form January onwards. We have made some changes in the laminate and changed to another pre-preg manufacturer to get a both faster and stronger master. The tapered top section gives you an extra gear upwind as PJ, Roeland, Mike and Mischa showed in last races of the 2011 Worlds (see GPS data).

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