Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New daggerboards

Today PJ and I fitted the first set of the new daggerboards in one of the new boats (which have the same cases as the old boats).
The daggerboards are 10 cm longer than the old boards.
We think that the new boards will improve the performance both upwind and downwind. Upwind especially in the light to medium stuff and in big waves. In medium conditions it will be comparable to the old boards. In strong winds you an easily pull up the boards 5 cm as you have easily too much lift even upwind. The amount of lift created by the boards is the same, while the tipdistance remains the same.
The longer boards fit the new ARC mast very well. The thinner mast makes it easier to steer higher and the long boards help you to gain and maintain the extra height.
Downwind the boards will have extra grip, which means that you can trapeze earlier and easier.
Weight of the new boards is roughly the same. We changed to a much better  glue, as we broke some boards due to spots of non-hardened glue. The new moulds ar every precise which has resulted in a better form definition and a highet surface quality.
The longer boards have a bigger area and that causes some extra drag, the induced however is lower due to the increased aspect ratio.
We first make the boards for the boats we sent to Australia and the USA. Boards will be available for sale in January. We had to postpone the production of our ARC masts to January due to the effort we had to put in the new moulds for the foils ad the making of the foils which are lagging the produced boats.
Just or Christmas we have reinstated our normal production order in a completely reorganized production facility and will do 2 boats and 2 masts per week. ( We can do 1 complete set of foils per day if we need too).
Pics will come later this week.

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