Monday, 5 December 2011

new rudders

What you see are the first two new rudderblades  before finishing (left an old blade). High gloss no pinholes straight out of the mold. The new rudders are 15 cm wide (was 17,5 cm), and are 8 cms longer.
We had quite some issues with the old blades, which could split. We have a one shot process now, with continous fibers and the blades are no longer hollow. The weight is much lower (700 grams vs 1100 grams) while the amount of carbon is even higher than in the old ones. The new blades can be fitted in the existing rudderstocks, if you replace the pushrods as well.  We first have to make the blades for the boats we send to Australia and the USA, early January  others can buy these too.

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