Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Happy DNA team after day 2

<p>Mischa scored a second in the first race after he and Landy missed the layline downwind. Stevie went from fourth to one as Manolo broke his trapeze hook. Roeland scored a neat fifth.<br>
The second race was won by Manolo. Mischa was on the wrong side the first upwind and could only go the seventh. The last round the wind was less and we had no longer an edge downwind as we were sailing too much time uphill due to the large waves relative to the wind.<br>
In the big fleet you need to be in the top 10 at the first windwardmark as the seperation in the fleet is immediately quite big.
I had tremendous fun sailing downwind and passed a lot of boats.
Stevie is sailing a strong championship; great starts, excellent upwind speed, superb handling of the windshifts and the only one who can almost keep up with Mischa downwind.
I have found the right mode downwind  and can match Mischa's speed when foiling now.
Sailing upwind is hard here. Some top contenders cannot find championship speed here and others are doing surprisingly well.
Today two races. Tomorrow layday (how fucked up is that)

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