Sunday, 30 June 2013

Manolo Calavia European Champion

Manolo Calavia did win the European title at his home waters. He had a rough start with a bfd and a dnf but ended strong  and did win 2 races. Manolo had excellent speeds upwind and downwind and did handle the shifts well. He did sail his 2013 DNA with the J-boards.
Gustavo Doreste was best Grandmaster on a DNA with regular boards. He and Manolo trained a lot together.
Stephen Brayshaw scored fourth and did a fantastic job.
Mischa started the championship strong but had an unfortunate dnf and some lesser results in the light winds.
The DNA's did win 4 out of nine races and were especially fast in medium conditions, where the guys with J-boards had a clear advantage. Manolo did well in the light too.

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