Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mischa is doing it again!

We not only see Mischa fly on the DNA but in the C-class as well.
His experience on the A-class will help him (and Bastiaan) to push the boat hard. As ETNZ showed practice makes perfect and it takes a lot of skill to get the most out of a foiling boat.

Three teams have shown their boats sofar Hydros, Groupama and Fill your fingers (the Canaan guys).
Three well funded teams with high volume huls and some kind of L-boards.
Sofar Hydros shows the most stable flying but we shouldn't count out the other teams. I do not expect much of the other teams besides these three as it takes time to master the boat and you need time on the water for development.

I am bit surprised that none of the teams came up with active foils. The teams all built on ETNZ ideas.

Making it fly is one thing, now the teams have to show that they not only go very fast but also have improved their VMG.

Interesting is that Hydros has the rudders at the transom. I think that they have slight advantage due to this, as their rudder winglet can be a bit smaller and they can put the crew closer to the CoG of the boat.

Upwind I think the teams will be pretty similar as hull style, wing type and weight are quite similar.
Although in the AC it is all about the foils I think that in C-class championship the team with the best wing will still win. The best wing will be quite twisty. Not just by opening the top panels but by torsion in the first and second element (see the pics of ETNZ, there you see lots of twist in the wing). I have not seen enough pics of all wings to do a proper comparison. Based on history I would prefer the wing of Fill up your fingers.
If the wings are indeed pretty close (have the same twist profiles) than the crew will make the difference. I do believe that Mischa and Bastiaan have an edge at this moment.

The spin off for the A-class will be improved systems for board rake adjustment, which will be the item for 2014.

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