Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dirk de Ridder scape goat in Oracle AC 45 case

I firmly believe that the AC jury overreacted in this case.
The AC 45's of Oracle were slightly modified, which was wrong but also quite insignificant.

Making an example and putting most blame on an individual sailor has little to do with justice.

The penalty of the jury is not in accordance with Oracle's wrongdoing. Too much for too little.

Neither Dirk, nor the AC teams have benefitted from the small modifications. The withdrawal of the teams form the AWS was the right thing to do and should have been enough.

This case is blown out of proportions and puts in the whole AC in the wrong perspective.

The America's cup has already big problems with their communication as the bigger audience has not gotten the right feel for it. (See e.g. this article on the Verge:

It is a pity that the tandem of Spithill and de Ridder had to be broken. That is not what this event deserves.

I feel that the AC 72's are wonderful boats, but way ahead of our time.

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