Wednesday, 11 December 2013

J-board frenzy

 prototype L board
 J-board introduction at Boot Dusseldorf jan 2013
 Winglets introduced at Islamorada
Mischa Flying at Hyeres May 2013

The A-class community gets awake. People are getting aware that Glenn Ashby and Peter Burling got J boards.
Other pro sailors are looking for the J board package as well.
The magnificence of the J boards was hidden last year due to not winning the Europeans and the French Open.
More aware sailors did see Mischa smoke through the fleet both in Hyeres and in Barcelona though.
Manolo did became European Champion but was still out sailed by Landy and Stevie. Once Mischa got it working he was unstoppable despite his poor speed upwind as his sails were not yet up to par at that stage.
The J boards are just as good in the light and much faster in medium and strong winds. You have to practice though. In steep waves or gusty conditions it is not easy to keep the boat in the water.
Mischa and I found out that we could sail downwind in the trapeze in much more breeze than before.

It is not just me and Mischa who are advocates of the J boards. Just ask Manolo, Chris Field, Sjoerd, Murray Philpott, Luc Dubois, Blair Tuke and the ETNZ team (Glenn, Dean, Ray and Peter).
The J boards are the way to go. We tested some L boards but the A class lacks the righting moment to make these boards work. The Flying Phantom is wider than a standard F 18, not the mention the width of a C-class.
Even with a changed daggerboard rule (no limitations) this would be the way to go.
The Pro's do not want to be surprised yet again after they were beaten in Islamorado by two guys with winglets.
The J boards could only be developed after the introduction of the winglets.

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