Monday, 2 December 2013 2.0

The firm has been restructured. The production will be further integrated into Holland Composites, PJ's bigger firm and the back office and front office will be run by Remco Kenbeek's Sailcenter from now on.
Arno is getting back into management consultancy.
We think that this will improve the service to our clients and fellow sailors.
Running a shop in a factory simply does not work. The shop is too small to manage indepently and the guys in the factory do simply not have the time to handle the orders for parts.
PJ and Arno could set up because both had another source of income.
To be sustainable as an independent business at least 100 boats need to be sold each year. Although that ambition can be realized, we felt that this was the time to restructure the business.
This way we can guarantee the delivery of parts even for the first generation DNA's.
Remco can be mailed at, the account will be used too in a few weeks.

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