Monday, 10 February 2014

The future of the class. Rule proposal

The results of the New Zealand's Nationals and the practice race made clear that foiling is the future.
There is still uncertainty about the rules though.
We as a class should either make it completely open or freeze development for a while to create some peace.
It is my suggestion to freeze the rules until the next America's Cup. We can race with the J-boards and create some stability in the class. The cassettes and other workarounds should be declared illegal ASAP. The cassettes suck and we do not need these.
The class can absorb the new AC technology after 2017 and the class can abolish the limiting rules per 1 January 2018.
The alternative is to allow anything or keep the rules with the cassettes but that will keep the class in turmoil for at least another year, This will hurt sales and the growth of the class.
In the end people will want to have boats which go faster than the international Moths in all circumstances. The J-boards boats have closed the gap a bit but not yet completely and it needs another round of developments to accomplish this. The new AC yachts will probably have more freedom this time to develop new foil configurations , which might benefit the class over time.

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