Monday, 10 February 2014

Worlds preview

Glenn is the man to beat.
Peter Burling, Mischa Heemskerk, Nathan Outeridge and Blair Tuke will put the pressure on him.
Landy will be the best of the C-board riders.
Stevie Brewin, Jacek Noetzel and Stephen Brayshaw will be close to Landy.
Ray Davies and Bruce Mahoney  will make the top 10 and might even beat the C-board riders if the wind is medium and not too gusty. Both Ray and Bruce had a decent practice race and if they still can perfect their flying technique they might be too fast for the C-board riders.
The C-boards will need less than 8 knots to be competitive but do not have an edge in any condition. In the light the rigs and the helmsmen will make the difference.

Nathan will be dangerous if the wind is under 12 kts as he has slightly more lift than the other J-board riders. It will help him in 7-12 knots but it will hurt him over 12 kts. As a true foiling expert (AC72 helmsman and 2nd in the last Moth Worlds) he will be able to get most out of his boat.

At the Europeans the J-board did already win more races than the C-boards. This championship will make the discussion about the J's obsolete. Flying is so much fun and once properly  practiced definitely faster.

Making it fly is not that hard. If you have not practiced enough you will loose too much in maneuvers and the occasional jumps though.
Even with J-boards you have to be in the top 5 at the first mark to win races. In such a big fleet passing lanes are limited and as you sail such different angles than the other boats you will get easily in trouble if you sail too close to other boats.

And yes I am biased ;-)

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