Friday, 21 November 2014


This is an email to inform you of the latest DNA developments.

Sailing fast cats caught my attention in the early ‘80s and after graduating from the Delft Technical University as an industrial designer I was very keen on establishing my composite boating company (Holland Composites) in 1992 to explore new lightweight production techniques. Building >15 meter yachts with carbon prepreg since 1994, we have made quite a bit of progress since those early days. Not just the yachting industry, but even more in the building and industrial markets where we developed many innovative products.

The A-cats were a hobby and when things got more serious in 2010 after having developed a new design with Arno Terra and Rudo Enserink, I thought it would be wise to split those activities from Holland Composites as the hobby and professional work might not mix well during office hours. This is how and why I founded DNA, both as a brand and as a collective at the same time. Within DNA we cooperate intensively with open-minded experts such as Mischa Heemskerk, Rudo Enserink and Peter Johnstone to keep pushing boundaries and explore new possibilities in the widest sense of the word whilst having fun out on the water.

Keeping things really separated with my normal job during daytime has however been a struggle at times and to make things more easy & to offer a better DNA customer experience we have now decided to integrate DNA as a brand for fast cats into Holland Composites. The companies have been reunited to make it one family. Some of you know the name Holland Composites already, as Holland Composites is developing and building the Gunboat G4 for example although we do more than boating projects. My partners Sven Erik Janssen and Thijs van Riemsdijk, the first a (passionate) sailor and the other not (yet) handle the integration.

What changes for DNA A-cat customers is that sales of boats and parts are now handled by Holland Composites directly and no longer by Remco of Sailcenter. So the guys that already produced the DNA A-cats and know every detail from the earliest development will now also assist with the sale. A webshop is in the making to make ordering a customer-friendly process and will launch somewhere 2015. Remco has offered DNA customers great service since Arnos departure in 2013 and he will be happy to do so in the future for service or non-standard items. For all your custom needs we ask you to work with a chandlery as Sailcenter.

Another development is that we have reached an agreement with Fiberfoam whereby they will exclusively produce our tapered DNA masts. Fiberfoam will also continue with their own standard design. The first 10 DNA masts have just been manufactured by Fiberfoam, complete with carbon mast base and adjustable carbon spreaders.

I would almost forget.. The very fast 2015 Z-daggerboard and incredibly sweet L-rudders have completed their testing protocol and are now available for purchase.

For any questions or orders In the meantime I kindly ask you to direct your questions to


2015 DNA A-cat with cassette L-rudders - we made a special GUNBOAT edition

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