Wednesday, 14 January 2015

At Holland Composites, we are working hard on the Gunboat G4 which is in many ways a DNA A-cat on steroids. However, there is much more going on than this big boat only and in the next few months we will be working on a new website full of the latest details with tips and tricks.

You may have seen the video footage from Mischa or myself, showing consistent foiling and I thought it would be appreciated if we would add some pictures with details of the latest 2015 DNA A-cat.

Please see below.

Any questions or remarks, please drop us a line at, thanks!


Z-boards clearly visible 
Detail of slider system 

All carbon cassette L-rudder

Z-board with DNA logo

L-rudders awaiting shipment 
Shipment being loaded in 40ft container

Detail of L-rudder

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