Monday, 9 February 2015

The tapered DNA masts are nowadays produced exclusively for DNA by Fiberfoam. Fiberfoam continues to offer their #14 mast (untapered). 

We developed the tapered DNA mast in 2012, and it is a different section than the commonly used 145x60 mm untapered section. 

The base idea was to create a mast which follows the twisted sail shape in a more natural way. See the simulation of the flow on below computer animation. 
flow simulation DNA A-cat mast

The result is a top tapered mast, but the shape also varies over the length of the mast, I hope that below illustration shows the principle. 

The section is tapered from approx 160x60 mm in the bottom to 130x45 mm in the top. The mast base shape is identical to the common 145x60 mm section for the ease of interchanging parts. The surface area is also identical, to avoid sailarea problems when sails which are made for standard masts are used. 

​We believe this tapered mast has a better aerodynamic shape compared to the standard section, this results in less drag, better flow attachment and better performance. It did take quite some time to develop our mast and to make it reliable and well-performing. However now that is sorted, especially when sailing at close angles, as happens with high apparent wind speeds, this mast is superior.

The angle before losing flow is definitely smaller the standard section, which is great when you need to point high, or want to have a super flat sail in flat water high wind conditions .

All bend specs are available, and the mast curve is slightly more progressive than the others which is what you may want.

Give me a call, or drop me a message at for more info. 

Cheers, PJ 

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