Friday, 13 February 2015

DNA A-cat on steroids

Hi all,

Hope you won't mind seeing a blog from an A-cat newbie. Working at Holland Composites whilst being keen on writing and seeing lightweight multihulls moving around our facility day in, day out, it is rather difficult to ignore the still growing excitement & passion and share some of this enthusiasm.

PJ already wrote about the Gunboat G4 project we have undertaken at Holland Composites. Following the conceived concept by the DNA design team, and Gunboat committing to a realization the G4 had to be built and more people got involved - such as myself. I thought A-cat sailors might appreciate seeing what a small boat from a very prolific development class can just lead to..

More relevant A-cat news next time, promised.

Best, Thijs
DNA A-cat, anyone?

A little heavier than an A-cat..

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